Monday, November 2, 2015


"Into the cold," by Evalie Wagner


When it gets colder the animals become more conspicuous
to me They feed

my worries Do any of them have a concept of home
that I can relate to Would they be better served with
a human caretaker or without

For instance my neighbors and I have a communal
rabbit He hurtles between our yards as we all take turns
accidentally startling him The colder it gets

the more I think of what keeps us safe What is wild
is not our pet but with a little distance

we can befriend those beings
whose fear protects them from us 

Rabbit we will not hurt you or shoo you from under the deck
When the snow comes for you

I will hold my son up to the window
to watch you hide
and then run and run and run

[Image above by Evalie Wagner]

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