Tuesday, September 29, 2015

"Red Bank," by Lesle Lewis

"Somewhere in Austria," by Andrés Lázaro (via Mark Peter Drolet's fantastic tumblr)

Red Bank
by Lesle Lewis

I wanted a horse. 

I jumped from a plane. 

I was not comfortable with your illness. 

I was a detective at the wedding. 

I recognized the new way it would be with you in rehabilitation. 

I saw how the sunset colors on the Navesink River got sad with the lone rower.

I lived on a lone planet with my befuddlement.

I’d lost a person. 

I didn’t know how to hold my lips. 

I was like the goose bathing in parking lot puddles. 

Definitely, I am on a train. 

[Poem via Poets.org]

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