Friday, October 3, 2014

If You Answered Mostly True--Video

Today, I thought I'd share a video of me reading a poem. The video was made by a great local arts show called "Broad & High" which promotes arts and culture news from around Columbus.

Back in spring, I read at the Poetry Out Loud finals for Ohio. This event was incredibly inspiring--high schoolers competed by reciting poems that they'd memorized. These were the finals, so there were some really phenomenal readers there. It made me so happy and heartened to see these awesome teens so passionate about poems.

The poem is called "If You Answered Mostly True," and it's one of my favorites to read aloud. It's odd, and repetitive, and instantly helps me to feel connected with the audience. You can read full text of the poem here, at Hobart.

This week, I am feeling especially grateful for arts communities, other artists, and people who care about art (and poetry--that means you! Thank you!).


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