Monday, May 27, 2013

This Is How Birthdays Work

This Is How Birthdays Work

When you started
as a human in the air,
ah, here you are!
Appearance triggers
time. Not age that
we celebrate (hey,
you’re still here!
but the birth day.
There was no you,
and then, you, new
person, squirming
pouch of genes,
and our wonder,
how did we ever
get along without
you. The birth day,
the moment you
tumbled into this
crowd, iridescent
membrane covering
plastic wand’s ring,
given a little breath,
suddenly a bubble
moving through the
bee-ridden garden.
Become of this time
that we share, maybe
you will like it here.
Every second, what
will become a birth
day years from now,
all the birthdays-to-be,
all the humans whose
parents haven’t even
arrived yet.

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  1. I'm going to send this to my best friend, whose birthday was yesterday.


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