Monday, November 5, 2012

We Call It Sky

We Call It Sky

Not the lid viewed
from inside the aquarium,
but the surface of the water
viewed from beneath
that we mistake for a lid.

Are there any aquariums
out there,
maybe overturned
or green with the weird life
that thrives within the abandoned.

Is there anything but loneliness
for them out there.
We think we hear them trying to speak
to us, glug glug glug
coming down from the sky,
or maybe it’s our own questions
echoed back, gurgling.


  1. A fun and interesting comparison at the core. I wonder if serious scuba divers become numb to, bored by, that "line" between water and sky.

    Also, I find myself thinking more often about the whole notion of Voice, which lit and maybe music types sometimes obsess about. But I never considered gurgle-gurgle. I might just like it.

  2. This makes me think about the sad news at the New York aquarium, and so your ending makes this really resonate with me.

  3. I love this take on perception. Visual, emotional, lingual, hypothetical...and it's aptly centered on one theme. Impressive!


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