Thursday, May 24, 2012

Self-Portrait with No Face

Self-Portrait with No Face

That way, you won’t know
what I’m thinking, just that
I once painted around myself,
like lowering a star-shaped
cookie cutter into flattened
dough, slicing into the grainy
matter to make edges. I have
seen how this ends. I have
traced around the idea
of my body without rolling
down the window for my
brain. If you think I’m
making a face behind
that paint, you are right.


  1. Love it! Love that cookie dough, that window, that spiraling mystery.

  2. Great use of details in this poem. I like how you take something we're so familiar with and give it new meaning.

  3. Ooh, identity as the outside of a star-shaped cookie cutter. I like it.

  4. Oh I wonder if I can have an author photo with no face. I love this!


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