Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Wednesday, September 23, 2009: Quoted from: automatism


Mason jar,
Wine bottle.

Even when empty,
These containers

Are oddly heavy.
When I save

Them, I
Repurpose them:

A vase for flowers
Bought at the market,

Grown in distant
Soil; a candle

Holder; vessel
For pens or coins,

The tokens through which
A day manifests

Itself. Surely,
There is a surplus

Of glass jars,
Finely crafted,

Maybe imprinted
With measurements

Or a company’s name.
If I filled

These containers,
What would do

Them justice, what
Could I preserve.


  1. I'm caught by the "what would do them justice." It's a good line to have near the end, because I was left with going back to that line and reflecting.

  2. Hanaha! You've renewed my romantic associations with Mason jars. Saludos from Mexico.


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