Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Sunday, April 22, 2007: At the Salone del Mobile, Milan


The second-place prize (speech and debate)

Three blue buttons (cut from a coat)

Photo of me as a bride (Halloween, age 5)

Postcards blank and full of hieroglyphics

Choir concert leaflet, flaking like dried petals

Tickets with dates in black, fonts unapologetic as ants

That matchbook, the big Korean bill, an unused stamp

And letters that bid me to pore over their messages

All of these things I take out of their box,

Year after year, a ritual in deciphering


  1. "A ritual in deciphering" is a lovely way to describe your poetic portraits.

  2. These days I can't see a guy wearing converse sneakers and hair with attitude without thinking it's The Doctor. I particularly liked the fonts unapologetic as ants - Times New Roman seems that sort.


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