Tuesday, July 21, 2015

They Built Mazes

"Prayer, "2015, Catherine Mellinger

They Built Mazes

I walk and around me where the world
has fallen in my eye attempts to correct it
To drag the sidewalk’s edge through the rubble
or grass like a bandage for those who benefit
from flattened hard earth to walk on Just this week
I saw a building yanked up from the roots leaving
a deep hole A muddy socket The first maze was
invented was dreamsprung when enough people
saw war grinding their fine city into pebbles
and shrapnel Whole walls brought down to block
the path to a field or to market A lover’s home
swallowed up by its own grimace This is the
violence that the labyrinth slithered from
The violence and the hiding from it

[Image above by Catherine Mellinger]


  1. uprooting usually leaves an impression, whether a tree, a building, a common space

    1. "Uprooting" is exactly the right word! Hope your week is going well.

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