Friday, July 31, 2015

Bookmarks List/Bedside Table

"Clouds Rise,"

Currently reading and enjoying:

-This intense, beautifully-written article by Alison Stine at Narratively, "The Body Behind the Little White Church."
-"Identification, Please," an article by Helen Macdonald in the New York Times Magazine. I hadn't read her work before, but I love her voice and perspective! I also enjoyed this interview with her in Guernica (and will definitely be reading her book, H is for Hawk, sometime).
-This fun color palette generator.
-These stunning poem-gifs by Lisa Ciccarello and Emma Trithart in Poor Claudia.

And you, friends? Whatcha reading? Hope you have a terrific weekend!

1 comment

  1. Have read 'H is for Hawk'. Good book.

    Lovely work by Kinmont.


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