Friday, June 20, 2014

Project List

Current projects, both To Do and Done:

  • Working on mini-reviews of A Moody Fellow Finds Love and Then Dies by Doug Watson (what a title!!) and Nevers by Megan Martin
  • This silly musical interlude at Spoonful, "Women Singing Alone in Apartments, from 1993-1998." What a funny trend (and what excellent music!).
  • My first stab at gardening! It sounds a little violent to put it that way. My mom came over this week and is teaching me (since I know almost nothing about gardening). Somehow it makes sense to be pulling weeds and working on revising a manuscript at the same time.
  • Also working on a mysterious prose project. It can be so fun to write something without any goals or knowledge of where it is going...
How about you, friends? What are you tending or proud of? 

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