Monday, June 2, 2014



The summer is for coming undone
half of us can start and then the other
half can take their turn

That field of clover Do not be fooled
by how green and placid it looks
It is all by itself a place
and if this were a movie we could shoot
a scene there

A poignant scene The clover and the night
and bodies and blood urged out
of the arm by a mosquito

And the summer lumbers to its feet
This is only the start

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  1. ah yes! i'm struggling with puting out my bird baths when they are also breeding ground for mosquitos. i love watching the birds(cardinals, robins, wrens,bluejays, cowbirds, baltimore orioles,etc,) unabashadly bathe. i will do what i can to control with repellents and vibration instruments.. these mosquitos shall be made to understand their limitations

    like your intro here to summer, mi amiga


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