Monday, April 11, 2011

Special Offer

Special Offer

My message to you is urgent.
I know that awful feeling when your body
remains indifferent to women.
Oh Beloved. Can I trust you with this,
with these funds I will send you.
Hello, gorgeous, are you listening to me,
hurry. My offer for you is special.
If there is no order in your intimate life,
it may be difficult to stay
with a whole skin, to maintain wholeness.
You can understand my proposal.
Do not mistake this message for junk or spam.
No one else can see this, it stays
between us. Click here now, I’m talking
to you, I need your cooperation
so I can offer you riches and beauty
and benevolent enhancement.
Act now. You were selected to receive
this from billions of others.


  1. Ha ha...once I fell into that trap but no more...I am all too wise now, at least in regards to special offers! xoxo

  2. I continue to be surprised by the sheer amount of effort that's expended on phishing, spam, etc. If only that kind of creativity could be harnassed for something worthwhile.

    Great take on the art inspiration.

  3. Flattery!

    I love that image. No one can see us.

  4. *snort*

    Are you a Nigerian diplomat, by chance?

  5. i clicked for my special offer
    but nothing happened.

  6. A poem about spam! This is as timely as it is true, Hannah.

  7. I've devised poems from spam, but I've never read one written BY spam. Such a sadness behind it, as if without attention and response it will whither and die! You have such a skill in giving a voice to the voiceless, Hannah.

  8. Chortle!

    (P.S. The word 'chortle' makes me feel as icky as spam does.)


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