Wednesday, April 27, 2011


To cars left on the side of the road

Some with a bum tire, a puddle
where there should be a wheel.
Some with hazards blinking,
a metronome speaking with light
instead of sound. Some look fine,
beautiful, even. Some cannot share
what is wrong without being driven.
Some that will never be driven again.
Some that need only one new part.
Some with windows down, defenseless
against the rain, like this convertible,
rain pouring straight into the seats,
the dash. Some couple went for a drive,
took the convertible along this road,
radio loud, so happy to be the owners
of a car that can change to meet their needs,
that can come apart so gracefully
like a lady sawed in half onstage
then smiling and reassembled after.


  1. Some unexpected and unexpectedly telling images.

  2. Another gem, Hannah. "Some cannot share / what is wrong without being driven.": That line is loaded with meaning. Wonderful!

  3. Delightful, especially that last image.

  4. Ooh, the car changing to meet their needs like the lady sawed in half. What an image!

  5. ha ha...I have always thought of rain when I spotted a convertible, then the movies where a couple, lady with scarf, drive with wind blowing in the hair, background stilled...this was great xoxo


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