Tuesday, November 26, 2013

There Is Only Mystery

There Is Only Mystery

The flowers are singing to you
There is only mystery

The next day they are sprawled
headfirst in the dirt
under the weight of the frost

The manhole covers take up the song
a million mouths in the road

There is no end to all you will never know
This is one kind of wealth


  1. if I had to choose only one poem to say everything (which in its way is, of course, saying so little) it would be this one. I love this, Hannah. (I still read even though I am quiet.)


  2. i too, like erin welcome this piece as a short soliloquy in to much more than the few words

    gracias hannah, feliz felicidades

  3. Wonderful. Your juxtaposition of manhole covers with "a million mouths in the road" is inspired. What great images.


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