Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Good Job You Now Know the World’s Secrets

Good Job You Now Know the World’s Secrets

If snow were a message
and it is

it would mean

is the source
of all repair


  1. So true! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, Hannah.

  2. What a crisp new way to present a fairly traditional theme about seasons, cycles, rebirth. I also love your bossiness--oh, okay, your authority--with "and it is." I hear something like, "Knock it off with all your false modesty, people. Some things simply ARE messages. Pay attention." And after the somewhat lyrical, traditional, even biblical "falling," we get a couple of left jabs--a little one in "source" and then a real sock in "repair"--no-nonsense language from some instructional manual.
    Yet the "message" is one of renewal and comfort.

    This one's top notch for me, Hannah.

    1. Hey, thanks for the compliment on the bossiness (and the kind words in general). That is a fun word to describe authority, I think :).

  3. What a clever poem...I wish I knew all of the world's secrets ...happy thanksgiving to you and yours Hannah!


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