Thursday, June 13, 2013

Guest Speaker

Guest Speaker

Good morning, I’m here to talk to you
today about the illusion of safety

by which I mean safety, do you know
how lucky you are to be subject

to gravity, if we didn’t, why, how horrific
that would be, we’d have to buy

individual anchors for ourselves and
especially for the children,

there could be family-sized anchors, for
bundling you and your loved

ones, that would be one way to certify
love, with cables and straps

and carabiners, every second that goes
by, you are one second closer

to nothing, no, I mean that in a good way,
safety’s overrated, what I would

recommend is use what you know and
what you want, too, and one day

you will look back at something at say
Wow, that was a very hard time,

and then you will think about another
time, and say, That was me at

my happiest
, and no matter what, you will
have thought and said those things.


  1. Anchors make poor accessories, no matter how you slice it! Congratulations on your book!

  2. There's a profound truth in the phrase about anchors for the children.


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