Monday, June 24, 2013

Allow Your Gaze to Travel

Allow Your Gaze to Travel

Hey you, looking out into
what, a big hole carved
from the otherwise-growing
world. What is it you are
looking into, not just an away
from. The eyes are the balcony
of the self, with a rope thrown
across the railing. Reel in
this water, this sky, take it in
your body, this is how
the ocean becomes your
ocean, personal, portable.
Even now, you sense that
you will need it.

1 comment

  1. If travel is the theme here, it is supersonic even astral travel. The ground covered goes from point A (one's original and unique wound) to point Z (why the world must be made real to the individual). Despite my "analysis" this poem works on a more emotional, poetic level, with very pleasing sonic panache.


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