Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Tunnel Vision

Tunnel Vision

The most beautiful thing about your
goggle binoculars
is not the color of the iris or the soft
yawn of your pupil
widening, narrowing. It’s the limits
to what you can see,
the built-in edges we are given at
birth, installed within
eyeballs. Vision means tunnel vision,
the exclusion of sewer
or gutter or drippy-bladed icicles.
Your eyes grow up in
you, gain a few millimeters, and fool
you into naming yourself
All-Seeing Oracle, The Viewmaster.
The eyes make the world,
half of it, at least, tell the looker what
to trust as true, even if
we got our start back in the kitchen,
inventing batches of truth.


  1. Magnificent phrasing, wow. Insanely creative:

    "Yawn of your pupil widening"

    "installed within eyeballs"

    "drippy-bladed icicles"

    I also dug the Viewmaster reference.

  2. What Jack says. That marvelous line "yawn of your pupil" is going to stay with me.

  3. Amazing...I was prepared to be scared (the word tunnel vision kind of scares me) but I was delighted : ) Good to see you Hannah!

  4. Love this. It, of course, makes me think about perception. And reminds me of a phone conversation with an old boyfriend, him trying to explain to me how we see upside down...

  5. Yes, the eyes are deceivers, and I'm supposed to revere smell as the key to memory (hence your turn to the kitchen at the end?). But I confess, most of what moves me has been given by my eyes.


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