Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Infinity Pool

Infinity Pool

The illusion of no edge
becomes infinity

as soon as we wrap our
language around it,

we could swim into sky,
could fly from

this small pocket of water
into the great

non-place, the vast negative
space we see

as blue fields, as crayoned
line lidding

a page. As a dollhouse is
to a child’s

bedroom, that is our sphere
of experience

within the planet, our planet’s
hamster cage

within a parking garage, tiered
without end.

You cannot go where you are
trying to go yet.


  1. That opening couplet with its keyword "illusion" is conceptually provocative when joined with "infinity", our mind and ability to name what we think being the barriers.

    I like how you go from the visually expansive infinity so difficult to grasp to the tininess of the hamster cage (and how you relate the smallness of our experience to that of our much greater world). By that line I have in my head a picture of nesting dolls, each one getting smaller and smaller.

    What would you think of ending the poem at "without end"?

  2. this is immense....I do sometimes feel that I am in that hamster cage, really not a good feeling and I frequently think of how people in the old days thought the world was flat with an infinity...

  3. Wonderful. It has no edges! We could swim the sky!

  4. The crayon line was great. Yes, double meaning intended.


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