Thursday, October 11, 2012



All I ask is that a bench be placed here
in orbit (I understand there’s no space
anchor yet), near the edge of a serene
black hole, and that, along the back,
right between the sitter’s shoulder blades,
there is a silver plaque, on which, in an
attractive font, is written: In loving memory
of memory, hers and yours, and all thoughts
that have yet to be spilled, spat out, or spun,
and may you experience pockets of reverie
. And if you wouldn’t mind, dear, armrests.


  1. So funny. I love that aloof but authoritative tone (reminds me of what Dave Eggers did a few times in "How We Are Hungry").

  2. I am sure I don't understand this but I read it twice and pictured it and was led into the black hole! Happy Thursday Hannah, have missed reading you...sooo busy!

  3. I can so see this as text art -- on a monumental - nay galactice - scale

  4. I'm fully in favour of this, both poem and project.


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