Thursday, October 4, 2012



To make food taste better, add
hunger. Add absence.

I want to bake, but I have no
eggs, so I start to type

my ingredients into the search bar:
flour, I write, and up comes

flour sugar butter, before I finish
my list. What if we named

recipes for what they are not,
and we do, sometimes:

flourless cake, no-bake cookies.
The mind sifts back in

the flour, the oven. I can take
my mind off my hunger,

out of my body, trap it in a bowl
in a cabinet. If you want

to make a pie from scratch, home-
made, whole-made, first

you have to invent your hunger,
then you have to hear it,

the pleasure you call into your mind,
flour sugar butter

suspended in beams of light, the future
asking you for life.


  1. Psychology and auto-complete and nomenclature...quite a clever fusion, bravo.

  2. What if we named/recipes for what they are not...So much below the surface of this poem that I love. Bravo, Hannah!

  3. A zen contemplation - 'What if we named / recipes for what they are not'. 'flourless cake, no-bake cookies' - that lapses into a contemplation of sensual pleasures. Love it.

  4. I love the idea of inventing hunger. Love this.


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