Monday, August 27, 2012

The Offcut

The Offcut

In every gingerbread man,
the implied offcut, leftover dough

we knead into itself and roll out
again and cut into to people

the kitchen table, just as the
cookie cutters were cut from

metal by a stronger metal blade,
and somehow, that unyielding

blade got made. You have been
selected to appear here, but one

increment of a millimeter to the
left, and you’d be toast, you’d be

toast before it got toasted, before
it got sliced and baked into bread.


  1. Dough can get another chance at becoming something. Maybe we people can't...

  2. I had to laugh while I was also thinking on Saturday how each one of us came to be who we are...a cookie cutter at work? : )

  3. Nice job of keeping it light while still managing to say something of substance. I never thought of this about cookies. Now I think I should have, though I wasn't often the one doing that job.


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