Thursday, August 9, 2012

Flock of Germs

Flock of Germs

If I could paint the germs in the air blue
for you, so you could see how they
scatter and fall, migrating,

trust me, you would beg me
to stop, or at least to lie and say
the blue mist is a visualization of belief.


  1. I have a good friend who teaches Biology, and he likes to talk about the behavior of bacteria. He sort of champions bacteria by reminding everybody how much of it/them is/are good for us.

    That's not much of a literary comment, but it's where the poem (happily) took me. "Flock" of germs is a fantastic concept and title. Ditto your putting germs before us, in the blue, as if they were charming birds.

  2. Holy crap! To me, this "flock" moves in a wondrous circle, or, put another way (you know I love you very much to do this):

    "If I could paint the germs in the blue air /
    it would be your visualized belief."

  3. I am a germophobe so I would beg you to stop : )

    Saying flock gives the germs intention, doesn't it?

    Happy Thursday Hannah!

  4. Yes, I would beg you to stop!

    Hannah dear, I'm having some issues with my hands again, hence reading, not commenting, for now. xoxo


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