Thursday, April 12, 2012

Dressing Room

Dressing Room

It will fit. Look down at yourself
in it, then look into the mirror.
Your posture is different. Good
different. Your hands are clasping
your waist. How small can you
make yourself, between your own
fingers. Turn away from your
reflection, as if to leave the room,
and look back over your shoulder.
This is what you look like from
behind, zipper on top of spine.
Everyone has seen you like this
except yourself. Spin a little to see
what the skirt does. The hem lifts
away from your knees, the backs
of your knees. Slip a fingertip
behind your knee and pretend
you do not own the finger. You
can wear it anywhere. You can
wear it to the grocery store.


  1. Love this! I love the zipper on spine and finger behind knee. It helps me put the dress on!

    After checking image, I want to wear it to the grocery store!!

  2. I echo Kathleen. Who among us (who's ever put on a dress) hasn't done this?

    Beautifully inspired. Love "You can/wear it to the grocery store."

    I imagine that zipped sliding down and she stepping out from the folds of the dress now down around her ankles.

  3. Beautiful Hannah, just beautiful. I've been in this fitting room, and have tried on that skirt. How (seemingly) effortlessly you have captured this experience.

    I enjoy your blog a great deal, and your daily poems are an inspiration.

    Thank you.

  4. : )

    I recommend posting this in each dressing room...I am sure it will increase sales.

  5. how close we are to our bodies and yet how far away. can i tell you something? the other day while making love i suddenly realized through the beautiful fog of seeing him, that i have no idea who i might be in just this situation. putting on make-up, yes, i am this and this. but then? and what of while chopping carrots? what of while steam coming from a pot of boiled cabbage?

    (perhaps this will become a poem)


  6. I prefer dresses that slip over head. No zippers!

    But I remember doing this. You nailed it.


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