Monday, April 16, 2012



Light is shone through you,
and from the shadow and
light that leaks out, another
human is formed. Or you
spring from what they are
missing, your body and
talents are their shadow. This
is an efficient way to create
life, variation begetting
motion and an idea in you
that there is a thing out there
you have been made to
find. You might encounter
each other while you live.
What I am good at will fix
, you will say, keep
saying, even when the grip
with which you fit together
causes fractures, bone spurs.


  1. This is so beautiful it makes me cry! You have taken (how shall I say ;-)) familiar ideas and transmuted them into a loving and aware space that can allow reunifying.

  2. Were you there, when I was married? Were you spying, Hannah? ;-)

  3. There is so much to this poem, I've re-read it several times over several days. Those fractures and bones spurs are what is hurting right now, but that idea of being there for each other, is what it is all about, even as you wonder, how much of that reciprocation has been made up in your head; and why, over time, that symbiosis seems to disappear. Perhaps standing beside each other, holding hands while moving forward is the way for a long term relationship to survive; even as you yearn for that long ago symbiosis when fractures simply did not occur. ~ Annie

  4. Yeah, I lived this. Am living it?

  5. Yes, Hannah, this is how it is. We've got the bone spurs to prove it!


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