Thursday, March 15, 2012

A Thing

A Thing

A thing for rocks.
A thing for trees,
for dendrochronology.

A thing for dinosaurs.
A thing for coloring books.
A thing for tambourines.

A thing for ginger ale
in airplane half-cups.
A thing for visible stitching.

A thing for grapefruit.
A thing for the Kennedys.
A thing for skeletons

and skeletons dismantled.
A thing for concealer.
A thing for pockets

and what we find in them
after a garment’s sabbatical.
A thing for things,

for finding one thing
in a pile of bashed in
things and dirt and dust.

A thing for the mud
the dirt becomes,
a thing for paleontology,

for using a paintbrush
to clean off a thing,
a thing for you

to call significant,
the thing in your chest
a bee sting, a bruise.


  1. Echoing Kathleen.

    I like how you relieve the structure every so often by adding a little more information and using enjambment. I particularly like how you bring the poem to its conclusion, leaving us to think what it is that's worth considering important.

  2. Lovely indeed and what a way to end this thing...happy thursday Hannah!

  3. this comes to mind, a chapter in a robert bly book i just received as a gift, the title of one the sections is objects and creatures glanced at briefly. !!


  4. I liked this one so much, and couldn't quite explain why, and then I read the comments people had left and felt yes yes yes. So, yes.


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