Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Quiet Dust

Quiet Dust

Oh how beautiful the carpet can look
after the vacuum cleaner crawls across it,
stuffing its face with pile. The quality

we value most in our appliances:
ravenousness. Why is a raven like
a garbage disposal. Because they are

hungry. Because whatever we give
to them, we no longer want. We fill
appliances, and feel we are feeding them.

We pick up after ourselves with machines,
suck the rug clean of our sloppy body’s
crumbs, DustBuster-hunter-gatherer.


  1. Great image of the Dust-Buster as "hunter-gatherer". Very creative take on the prompt.

  2. You made the vacuum cleaner sound like it was I don't feel so bad feeding it all that dirt...ughhh...and the garbage disposal as well! Happy Wednesday Hannah!

  3. your first line immediately brought this image to mind...



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