Friday, February 10, 2012

Video: Reading at Paging Columbus

Happy Friday (again), friends! Today I have some video footage taken at last week's Paging Columbus event (featuring readings by Terry Hermsen, Dionne Custer Edwards, and Jeremy Glazier).

To begin the night, I read "The Fire Cycle" by Zachary Schomburg. Warning: this poem is flammable. And inflammable. If you like Zachary Schomburg, check out his site and this book and this book.

Hope your weekend is incendiary (or flame-retardant, depending on the kind of week you had).


  1. good one to read at a wedding - hhehe

    beautifully read, and love the hair :)

  2. a marvelous poem, hannah, and an intriguing choice for a reading. i like your delivery -- just the right shadings toward amazement :-)

    (the word verification is "polve" -- don't you think you should invent a language where this means "dust"???)

  3. i am in love with this poem. suddenly, i am on fire.

    (this is you??? holy holy. how the body never holds the whole spirit. i laugh. you are a very beautiful woman but you should be about ten feet tall, your arms three feet each, and you should move like a tree through the forest.)

    you are very brave.


  4. My whole life is generally pretty retardant!


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