Monday, February 13, 2012

In Charge

In Charge

Let me check my horoscope,
we say, meaning, What is going
to happen to me. Which piece
of us is hungry here, growling.
How does the advice we read
feed us. It does, the words hint
at how difficult our week was.
Now is a time of confusion
and change, astrology says,
keeps saying. This month’s
memories spin and align
like slot machine symbols.
When you were born, which
stars dangled above you,
a mobile, and which stars
hid. A sign in an inside-out
decision. What we want is
to ask whoever’s in charge,
deity or planet: what would
you do if you were me. Be me.


  1. Ha, if the deity was you - or me - what it/she or it would do might depend upon who/she or it was being the deity, no?

    None of which alters the fact that I think your very clever and thought-provoking.

  2. I love the imagery in your poems, Hannah! "This month's/memories spin and align/like slot machine symbols." I also like the thoughts that follow in my mind while considering this image in comparison with a horoscope...

  3. We are our own deity and the stars that reflected upon our face nascent in our beginning, gives us the air that we breathed when born and to that we have become who we are, unique.

    You said it well, Hannah.

    Soon there will be understanding

  4. I often wonder how much of it is statistics and how much predestination...this is the one question I will have to ask for sure when I am able to ask it...have a great week!


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