Monday, October 31, 2011

The Thing About

The Thing About

The thing about
saying the thing
about any thing

is it obscures.
All sense-making
does, except

those examples
I will exclude
here. Ignore

what you do
not need, sure,
to embrace

the singled-out
thing about
the thing.

The eye gets
grabbed when
it looks, gets

fondled, felt up,
falls in love
with one facet,

one sparkly patch
from the oceanic
fields of things

that exist, that
were formed
before you saw

them, long before
your eyes were
born. The birches

on one street,
and ridged

as unpeeled
carrots, or the
funny foliage

before that
freeway exit,
high ends and

vines folded over
the center, like
fingers raised

in praise of
heavy metal,
a fist with horns,

a tailless Y in
sign language.
The thing about

the more you
notice, the more

you look, and the
more you look
the more you

will have to
overlook, as you
have already.


  1. I fell in love with your knock-kneed birches.

    And then I got scared by sheep birch...

    Happy Halloween!

  2. I too love those birches and the thing about this poem is that i used to say that a lot and not anymore...maybe there is nothing outstanding there anymore..happy happy halloween Hannah!

  3. I am guilty of saying the thing about...

  4. I never thought much about "the thing about," but the whole perception process interests me. So how and why we choose this or that

    "one sparkly patch
    from the oceanic
    fields of things"

    is something to chew on. Also, ditto Kathleen on knock-kneed birches.


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