Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Narrowing It Down

Narrowing It Down

In a room full of black cats,
I know I could find mine,
but how long would it take me.

I know her face, her mouth,
her extra toes in front
so she seems to be wearing

oven mitts. This will never
happen, me locked in
a room with forty other cats,

the floor teeming with shiny,
dark creatures, some
authority demanding I select

and retrieve my animal from
the flock. I test myself,
hypothetically. How would

I respond in this fantasy, after
the panic, the ground
roiling around me with black fur

and claws, limbs and tails
and teeth, yellow and
green eyes dotting the shadows

like a mess of Christmas lights
plugged in, fizzing
light. Narrow it down, I coach

myself in the imagined chaos,
and then speak to them
to see how they behave. Let

them bite you. I will find her
eventually, as long as
I chant, Take as long as you need.


  1. oh this is wonderful, you'd recognise each other soon enough, I know. I love your description of her feet...

  2. I coach myself
    in the imagined chaos...

    love those lines Hannah... very potent and good for life....


  3. The fact that hypothetical is addressed really jazzed me.

    "This will never
    happen, me locked in
    a room with forty other cats"

  4. This gives new meaning to picking one out of a crowd. Many stand-out lines in this, Hannah, and as a whole it's wonderfully realized. Oh, the mind games we play with ourselves.

  5. I love the way the frame in the image plays into the idea of zooming in on your cat!

  6. 'A mess of Christmas lights'. Just right. As is all that encloses that eminently collectable phrase.

  7. Ha ha...I always dream of being in such a place, and sometimes, I too wonder, hypothetically, how I would identify my cat...but I know how...they unconsciously wave their tail when they hear their names! xx


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