Friday, July 8, 2011

Video: Blogging Panel Part 2

A couple of months ago, I hosted a blogging panel here in Columbus as part of Paging Columbus (a literary arts event series). I'm happy to share with you the second part of this panel.

In this video, we discuss community and connection, strategies for making blogging seem less overwhelming, and branding. What are your ideas in these areas? How has blogging helped you connect with others? How do you fit blogging into your busy life? How have you approached branding?

Thanks again to the panelists: Melissa Starker, Bethia Woolf, Jim Ellison, Meghan Willis, Aaron Driggers, and Matt Kish.

Enjoy (and have a lovely weekend)!


  1. I feel deprived of poetry today : )

    I started blogging for several reasons- as I started reading other peoples' blogs I felt I was watching TV, my creativity was being sapped, constantly viewing this and that. I felt that I had to do something.

    The cat boys became my blog stars because I really do spend a lot of time with them and in those times I do really think about things. My husband loves the pictures.

    Blogging is time-consuming...I sometimes wonder about it seeing that I work full-time and I am not selling anything.

    I am pleased to have met some really nice people through the blog world and also to have come across blogs from which are enriching!

    WIshing you a great weekend Hannah!

  2. Great job on the editing, Hannah. Some random reactions: I liked what you had to say about generosity etc. I sure wish I'd thought harder about branding/naming when I impetuously launched Via Negativa! And finally, I'm not convinced of the wisdom of niche blogging: on the one hand, I think it's easier to build and keep an audience if one's blog is clearly focused on one thing. But I believe it's also harder to avoid burn-out.

  3. Need to think about these things.

  4. thanks for posting this :) i like to hear the conversation around blogging.

  5. I am finding blogging and reader other blogs a bit overwhelming at the moment. Sometimes it helps to take a step back and focus on other things.

  6. Thanks for posting this Hannah! I both blog and video blog. I'm particularly excited about the potential for video blogging to connect people. The only downside is that video blogs still aren't as easy to index as text in Google which means less chance to stumble across cool stuff. As for branding, I'm currently promoting a book I wrote on video blogging called "Naked Lens: Video Blogging & Video Journaling to Reclaim the YOU in YouTube". I use both written and video blogs to do that. I also post on other folk's blogs. Like yours! Hope to connect again.

  7. Thanks for all these great and useful comments.

    Dave B, thanks for the nice words about my editing. Susan and Mona, I know what you mean about blogging being both overwhelming and enriching. Blogging feeds my creativity, but at the end of the week, I do feel happy during the weekend to take a 2 day break from writing (I feel replenished at the end of it!).

    Welcome, Sean. Glad to hear you expertise here!


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