Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The Storialist Turns Three

Three years ago, I started The Storialist. Since then, I've been posting poems (and multimedia experiments!) every weekday. Here's The Storialist on July 20 in:

You probably know by now that I am rather sentimental. For today's Storialist-linked artist, I revisited an early muse.

I feel so lucky that you are reading this--more than ever, I'm so appreciative of my readers, the artists and writers I've met here (look at my updated blogroll to see some of their work!), my friends, my family. Thank you to everyone in my daily life who asks about my writing or reads my work or encourages me (especially you, oh husband o'mine!).

To anyone who is considering writing or making art: Yes. Start right now.
To anyone who is creative and shares what they make with the world: Yes. More, please!

Thank you. Yes, you. You inspire me.


  1. This world is a mirror. We can look into it and see how it reflects all of us. Mostly I enjoy it's refraction from the art of the artists. I see your reflection.

  2. Congratulations! Since coming into contact with you online, I have been amazed, amused, moved and inspired by your words.

    Thank you for the beauty you provide through words.

  3. Happy Anniversary! I love reading your poems Hannah. xoxo

  4. Happy Anniversary Hannah! I marvel on a weekly basis on your creative abilities...I marvel everyday as I read but then on my own, once a week I think wow, that Hannah, how does she do it?- usually when I want to quit something that takes time xoxo

  5. Hannah, I just continue to be amazed by your output. I don't think any other poet matches it.

    I find your poetry to be a delight, rich and thought-provoking and often with great humor. And, of course, the art!

    Here's to your first three years! Thank you for sharing so much with us.

  6. Three years, a poem every weekday. If you and the fact of this are not marvels I don't know what would deserve the name. My blog visits have been too infrequent and I'll be back for the newest poems and the video. Congratulations.

  7. Congratulations. I've only known about this site for a year or so, but it's a regular source of inspiration. Thank you.


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