Friday, January 28, 2011

Video: Here It Comes

I'm very happy to share this week's video with you for "Here It Comes." I was brainstorming about where to record this, and I'd been wanting a train in the background. Clearly, that might be a little tricky to arrange ("Hey, train, can you back up and try that one more time? Train? Hello? Awww...").

However, while searching online, I found a great model trail store (I have a weakness for miniatures), and knew I wanted to film something in front of their train set. Thank you so much to The Train Station--everyone there was so sweet and helpful, and not too weirded out about what I was doing (despite it absolutely being strange). I said I would credit them as gaffers--thank you, Train Station!

Hope you like it--I can officially say I love iMovie. Also--for these videos, I'm taking requests! What poems would you like to see/hear me read? Just let me know in the comments.


  1. oh wow, what a wonderful idea! I love poetry being read to me, I'm so looking forward to more multimedia Fridays

  2. Wonderful application of this visual medium malleably integrating the mundane and assimilating it into the words of poetry. It reminds me of another artist using a different medium to express this concept, that being Andy Warhol.

    I'm glad you chose your 'Here it Comes' because this piece sets an ambiance of poignancy.

    L@@king forward to seeing and hearing your next creation.

    Thank you.

  3. So beautiful. I love the extra layer the video adds. And that poem. So, so perfect.

  4. from Therese L. Broderick -- Who doesn't like trains? I enjoy the slow, calm pace of this poem. "Here it comes" never felt more leisurely!

    Maybe write a series of poems related to miniature scenes (dollhouses, winter mangers, etc.)which you could film? Your iMovies could be the next iteration of Cornell boxes :)

  5. it works on more than one level - I loved it for your rhythm and your words. my almost three year old loved it for the trains.
    lovely all around.

  6. It's great to hear you read. I like your rhythm too.

    I would love it if you could read the one about the little black dress.

  7. loving trains, noise and your poem. Thanks!

  8. I love the miniature train, and the miniature town, which looks so much like many a train track town I have known.

    What a treat!


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