Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Seasonally Affected

Seasonally Affected

The seasons affect us, whether
daylight drains away in the afternoon
or evening. The snow and ice

chase us indoors, slow our steps,
our driving, our blood. We see branches,
bare, as bones. Plants persist

in the winter, but they do not grow.
Evergreen and ochre bark instead of pink
or white petals. Shadows bloom

in the tree limbs and thus, some
place inside us. There was once a purpose
for our sadness and fatigue

in winter. We were naked
and cold, or we used to be bears and still
experience the urge to hibernate.

There are many ways to bring
light into your life in the winter. Buy a lamp,
arrange for a mechanical dawn

at your bedside. Tell your cells
that this bulb is the sun transformed into
a potted plant. They may or may not

fall for it. There will always be
darkness in you. What can you build
with it, with your sensitivity.


  1. i think this is one of my favorites, Hannah. beautiful.

  2. My favorite line in this is "Buy a lamp, / arrange for a mechanical dawn / at your bedside."

    Nice wordplays and another very good poem.

  3. Lovely poem Hannah. It makes me sad that bears don't want to hibernate.

  4. : ) I was thinking about the bears too! Yes, it is true, we are not supposed to experience the seasons. Not really! xoxo

  5. Hi, Hannah, "There will always be/darkness in you" I simply, completely, love your voice. Grant

  6. I like the play between light and dark in this, and that, truly, "There will always be
    darkness in you." I agree.

  7. Thanks, I needed that. (Loving all the other poems, too!!)

  8. So lovely, and I love the video, too!

  9. I am grateful that your poem acknowledges that "There will always be/ darkness in you. What can you build/ with it, with your sensitivity." Sensitivity is a gift - and a challenge. Wise poem.


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