Wednesday, December 1, 2010

In Deep Thought

In Deep Thought

Down, we are pulled down into it,
our toes reaching for the bottom
of the swimming pool which has dropped away
beneath us.

Every present person dims.
Deep thought shoots out of us, ink veiling
all that is around.

Down into its cavern, where big, monosyllabic words
drip down like stalactites.

We are alone, down there,
lolling in a tarry pit.

Returning from deep thought takes work.
And when we emerge, we are startled
at how intensely bright it is up there, up here.


  1. That line "Every person present dims" stands out here. I also like "words/ drip down like stalactites"--visually quite striking.

  2. I have to ask - how do you find the art that inspires you?

    ...and I feel like that every single moment - when the fog lifts I'm surprised every one is still here.

  3. From Therese L. Broderick -- I like the repetition of the long, one-syllable words "down" and "deep." Acc. to Wikipedia, the longest monosyllabic words in the OED may be:

  4. I can only smile as I read your expressions...deep thoughts shooting out of that ok if I use that next time someone asks me a question? Simply love it! xoxo

  5. Send this one to the Jung journal!!!!


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