Tuesday, December 28, 2010

I Forgot About the Car

I Forgot About the Car

I forgot about the car.
I parked the car, and left it in the lot.
The lot was empty,
except for me and my car. I forgot
it as soon as the door
recoiled from my hand, a wing,
retracting. One moment,
I was in the car, braking, parking.
Days were fed in. Snow
fell like pollen and coated the floor
where civilized people
walked, shivering. The more
it snowed, the less I knew
about how I had gotten where I had.
Why had I come to the city.
Could I track my own prints, add
them and yield an origin.


  1. I love the wing, retracting.

    It's such a pleasure to come here and read poems by someone who can really write. When I was little, there was a one panel comic in the newspaper called "The Strange World of Mr. Mum." Odd things were always happening in his world, which was outwardly normal, but the details were out there. It seems to me that's how Hannah's world must be, because the singular way you see things shows in your poems, to all your readers' enjoyment.

  2. This happened to me I seem to recall from the recesses of my mind...I love the imagery. xoxo

  3. I've been wondering how you were coping in your freezing cold new home. It must be an awful shock. I found myself living in Edmonton Alberta many years ago, and if you forgot about your car for as long as it took to buy a quart of milk you wouldn't be starting it again in a hurry. They plugged them into the parking metres to keep the battery viable. Hope things aren't that bad. Whatever reason I had for the move wasn't worth the weather. Good luck. Stay warm.

  4. What an amazing picture, and your words do it justice. I especially liked, "Days were fed in." Strong, confident diction, girl.

  5. oh I like this very much! and the photograph is amazing too


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