Monday, May 3, 2010



I want to reach into you
and pluck the string hiding there.
From this vibration,
energy is dislodged, traveling
like the sizzling end
of a burning fuse. Every sound
put out into creation
is a question, a request. Stars
expel light by burning,
with no consciousness to aim
for witnesses fathoms
underneath. But I send these out,
waves, and receive
tremors, echoed frequencies.


  1. Excellent poem! From the first line, I was compelled to read it aloud. Your rhythm is flawless, and the content and the imagery- resonates!

  2. Thanks, Annie, for inspiring me to read it out loud. My first time. And wow! There is something wonderful about hearing and feeling the vibrations of your words.

  3. Great poem, especially read aloud.


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