Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Ceyx to Halycon

Ceyx to Halycon

A bright pitchfork of lightning
plunged into the deck.

I was not prepared for the impact,
the violence of the storm

clawing up our ship.
The boat let the ocean in, air sinking

beneath the water.
In all the commotion, I needed

something stationary
to hang onto, so I thought

of you, the bone
in your shoulder that my fingers

find, the birdlike
energy of your hands. When I wash

up onshore, my body
curled in the wet sand, waves reaching

over me like bedsheets,
I hope it will be you that finds me

so you can also know
every act of nature brings us together.


  1. makes me think of that girl who just sailed around the world...


  2. Nice feminist upgrade on the myth: It isn't just Halycon who throws herself to the sea in grief for her mate, it's Ceyx as well!

  3. Genius poetic fusion of myth & love.


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