Wednesday, April 28, 2010

How to Classify an Experience as Holy

How to Classify an Experience as Holy

Zones of uncommon stillness,
all sound extinguished in one wave,

as fire flattens under sand.

But not nothing. An energy living
in air, a vacuum, a vortex.

Often, light. Great clouds of radiance

ballooning around a human,
an animal, a tree, a hill.

Elements trading characteristics.

Water forming walls and floors,
skin giving way to gold or salt.

An inner collapse, an easy release.

Frequently, levitation. A lightening,
a lessening slicing into anatomy, armor.

Bliss whistling through the heart.


  1. Who says science and religion don't mix?

  2. Oh, one of my most favorite subjects! Love as religion. Holy, holy. Thanks for this poem!

  3. You conjure images from abstracts like no one I've ever read. Beautiful way to start my week! Thank you!!

  4. Whistling bliss!
    What is this?
    Part fun,
    Part fear.
    you touched my ear.


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