Monday, April 19, 2010

End of the Universe

End of the Universe

How did you reach this place?
Did you trust that you could careen
through the billowing skies,
and eventually,
there would be an end?

Did you creep with a hand in front of you,
stars streaming through your fingers
like river water?

Did you come here
to prove that the universe was endless,
and now, here you are,
ship stopped against the limits of space?

Are you comforted in learning
the universe is a fish tank?

Should you long for unending fathoms,
turn your ship around,
and look out at the acres of little burning beings
scattered in blackness.
Does it not seem free from end?


  1. oh this is excellent, I like the stars streaming through the fingers and the concept of the universe as a goldfish bowl. tahnks for commenting on my multiverse poem

  2. This poem has depth, and can be personally applied to each of us. It's beautiful and chilling at the same time. If only we COULD turn our ship around.


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