Monday, March 1, 2010

Uses for Salt

Uses for Salt

To draw moisture from a cell.

To purify a space.

To be dissolved in a bowl of water,
to stand in as tears in ceremony.

To be gathered on the fingertips
and scattered over the left shoulder,
in the event that it is spilled.

To chase off evil.

To kill a slug, or to revive
a near-dead fly with a shock of pain.

To heal a pallor-patched fish.

To treat mania.

To create clouds.

To convince ice to release its firm grip on the street.

To keep food from aging,
and to mask blandness.

To enhance sweetness in fruit,
as when sprinkled on watermelon.

To coax your taste buds open.

To burn in the back of the throat,
and in an attempt to return to itself,
to create the desire to drink.

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  1. Have you read the biography of Salt by Mark Kurlansky? It is a fantastic book. Think you might like it.


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