Monday, March 22, 2010



A degree of translucence,
so that light can creep into and out of the small breaks
of a mineral or element.

Skin can be, as you already know,
and water.
Gems, the stones that have bloomed
deep inside of mountains.
Sky, of course, with color and without,
and also cloud.
Satin and silk.
Jellyfish that furtively pump
their way through oceans like blown glass come to life,
like hearts draped in sheets.

The sheerness, the fissures, the cracks, the pores;
if you are lit from within, and you are,
how else can your glow be visible.


  1. The voice in this poem is captivating. I love the lush descriptions. And how you point in the end, that yes, you are in fact, luminous. Lovely.

  2. PS: And that last stanza...that through our cracks (trials, difficult times), our luminous nature shines through.

    Yes. Brilliant.


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