Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Tuesday, October 6, 2009: Mark Fisher at Drawger--Steel Life in Mummytown

Did you learn to float,

to trust the cool water to hold you

Did you think of ice cubes

displacing only their weight

and even in melting to maintain

the water's surface, to remain level

Did you need arms beneath you

stiff as the runners on the bottom of a sled

while you closed your eyes

against the heat of the sun

and the give of the water's slack surface


  1. Yes, there's really something about this... it's sort of a juxtaposition of science and whimsy, I think.

    I so hate it when I can't decide why it is I love a poem. I guess though, that sometimes we don't need to know exactly why; the joy is in the thing itself.


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