Friday, October 2, 2009

Friday, October 2, 2009: Behance—Small Talk


Deserving praise and protection,
those with a great sensibility
exhibit the classic symptoms:

Quickening heartbeat,
flush brought on by fear or excitement,
water pooling in the eyes for small dogs
and other helplessness.

Science sought to measure
this titillating theory—
that the body replicates and regulates
passion, desire, pity.

The body is sympathetic to itself,
winds the pulse like a watch,
directs blood and allows it to be shown through skin.
Not the piano keys, nor the player,
but the pedals--
hushing, obstructing, sustaining.

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  1. Hmm--the body and all the different physiological manifestations of emotion like a piano. Delicious food for musings.


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