Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Wednesday, June 10, 2009: On the Street…The Sheltering Sky, Governor’s Island

Our Town

Summer evenings, our town transformed into an Edward Hopper
Landscape, veiled with stillness and failing yellow sun.
Shadows spilled from suburban architecture like gasoline,
Slippery, iridescent. Girls propped themselves
Against window ledges, porch railings, the tenuous boundaries
That separate inside from out. Longing sprawled everywhere
In those days, in my recollection of those days.


  1. This is wonderful. More evocative even, than the Hoppers you refer to, with an almost painful sense of nostalgia to it, all slippery and iridescent like your shadows and capturing perfectly the tenuous boundaries between us here and us there. I can feel myself lying in the grass on a summer evening on Godfrey Street wishing myself into the future.

  2. very beautiful.

    hopper always makes me sad in a good way ; )


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