Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Shelter in Place

Shelter in Place

My baby breathes on me
and I match his breath

This is a prayer
Right now a man with a gun

is in a building at a university
a few miles from my home

Those on campus are told to
Shelter to Run Hide Fight

My startled heart shudders
and flaps its wings Also now

parents all over the city and 
country whose children are here 

are praying together quaking
in terror but not alone 

Let us all be safe
Let us breathe 

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  1. i'm pained by the nature of these words and that that they had to be written and spoken. the reality of our existence in this environment lately hopefully is not a precursor to what will become the 'new normal'. we, as writers, with a creative form of a platform must exercise this voice to preclude the possibility of this 'new normal'. you have a wonderful voice, let it be heard. gracias


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