Tuesday, December 30, 2014

A Terrible Song

A Terrible Song

Your love is as hot as an oven
Oh how this lyric makes me wince
and from it we know that surely the singer
has never been in love And yet
while carting the recycling to the curb
I see the stars and think that this night
is like a planetarium The door opening
is like the air except when it is shut and
then it is like a wall of ice The heat is hot
like a hot thing and the oven is capable
of reinventing the protoplasmic goo
you feed to it Why isn’t his love as hot
as a microwave I want to tell the girl
who sings this song that sometimes
you’re the oven and others the pie
We are all just simple creatures who want
to look at what has no precedent and
feel at home

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