Friday, November 21, 2014

Bookmarks List/Bedside Table

Currently reading/enjoying:

  • This amazing, amazing essay by artist/writer Tessa Hulls, called "On Silence." I adore everything she makes with her brain/heart/hands. Look how beautiful: "Technically, white is the combination of all other colors. As a painter, I understood this intellectually: in Antarctica, I learned to see it. For the first time in my life, I experienced whiteness in true isolation and saw its capacity to unhinge any understanding of boundary or scale."
  • Sophia Kartsonis's The Rub.
  • Bob Eckstein's lovely illustrations and stories, "The Endangered Bookstores of New York."
  • This interesting article about an art gallery in the Netherlands that features a Mood App, which allows visitors to explore art that has been categorized by emotion (Thanks to my pal, Clive, for sharing this!). Really interesting idea...
Happy weekend, friends! If you've been reading anything fantastic, please share.

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